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A Multitude of Drops
With the last line of David Mitchell’s novel Cloud Atlas, the protagonist questions the insignificance of our actions and existence in an infinite universe by asking himself, “What is an ocean but a multitude of drops?” As musicians and video artists, capturing audio and video drives us to see the whole as greater than the sum of all its parts, bringing together what are seemingly mundane elements in order to harmonize it into something fuller and deeper than our initial impression of the source material would suggest. A Multitude of Drops is the audio/visual project of the music of Apollo Dial and the imagery of Peter Forest that looks at the natural world as something harmonic and orderly from which to draw inspiration. Audio is sourced as naturally as possible using a variety of portable recorders and microphones to reflect the inspiration obtained from field recordings, experimentation with analog synthesizers (such as the Roland Juno-106), sampling of old vinyls and more conventional instruments. Visuals have been recorded with consideration to light intensity and the subtle movement of various elements and seemingly insignificant everyday experiences.

Music by Apollo Dial

Video and editing by Peter Forest