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Peter Forest
Peter Forest Studio is an audiovisual studio based in Barcelona dedicated to Web/Media content, recording and editing videos for different genres : documentary , TV, Film , Web , Theatre , Corporate , Weddings , Events . We offer different Audiovisual services and web media solutions. We made digital video recording Full HD (DSLR ) , Super 8 B / W , video editing , correction and color grading , titles and animations (Motion Graphics) , audio recording, field recording , sound design and composition. We collaborate with projects in Spain , Portugal and elsewhere in the world that we can move on or work online.
Pedro Ramos da Silva: Videographer and Audiovisual creative /// Alexandra Pinto: Animations and Motion Graphics /// Roberta Sisti: Graphic Design and Illustration /// Luis Chagas: Web and SEO


“We live in a reality that is defined by structural inventions of the mass media ; printed or electronic images are the components of our cultural evolution.”
Aldo Tambellini
BIO – Pedro Ramos da Silva aka Peter Forest is a Portuguese educator, audiovisual creative and sound researcher graduated in Art History, Ethnomusicology and New Media Art Curator who in recent years has developed cultural and artistic projects include areas such as sound recording, building and collecting old instruments, sound design, experimental composition, photography and video. All his work is closely connected with nature, in a simple search for interaction and listening.
Natural from the Douro region in Portugal, studied music since childhood and attended music conservatory for two years a part of numerous specify courses and formations. Since 2010 developed a fictional link with the rural world through small witnesses, sounds and proximity with people and the landscape arise. Actually a part of the educational projects it works with audiovisual media content, montage, editing and sound design and collaborate with independent Producers and Studios.