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Rawanhatha – The Rajasthan violin
Musician: Ram Pal Bhopal
Field recording: Peter Forest

The Rawanhatha is probably the earliest instrument played with a bow, and this humble instrument could well be the precursor of the violin made by framing of a big coconut hollow, with animal skin, it possess nine strings on which a ‘Gaj’ made of the horse’s tail’s hair, is moved and thus comes out the magic of the legends of its the heroism and romance of Rajasthan, all captured in the vibrant and evocative music of this desert land.



“Varejar” / beat with a stick or pole.
Traditional Olives Extraction in Douro – Portugal.
Field Recording: Peter Forest ©2015
Music: (Beirã) Folk Music Adaptation “O Entrudo” by Peter Forest

Maria Cavaca

Maria Cavaca

Field recordings in Douro Portugal.

Antologia de Musica Atípica Portuguesa with the theme  “Maria Cavaca”

Two track preview of the upcoming LP, Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa. Featuring Live Low, Negra Branca, Eitr, Gonzo, Luar Domatrix, Tiago Morais Morgado, Filipe Felizardo, Calhau! and Peter Forest.

Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa (Anthology of Atypical Portuguese Music) is a series of volumes focussing on new strains of Portuguese music with an (un)characteristic foot in the past musical traditions of the country. The aim being to re-evaluate its musical history, de-construct clichés and re-assemble preconceptions into a new and daring musical landscape.

Each volume will have a loose theme and will be comprised of Portuguese artists working on the fringes and not following obvious and commercial paths of musical homogenization.

Naga Bambu

Naga Bambu

Naga Bambu  “sounds in movement”, is an ethnographic and documentary work with a strong experimental aspect of unpredictability which aims to rediscover other ways to listen and interact with sounds. The technological simplicity of an Northwest Indian instrument allies with strong performative component. Originally was played in pagan ceremonies associated with dance and body movement. The microtonality of the instrument allows spontaneous interaction based on the game and, despite being as ancestral instrument can be perfectly adapted to our geographical context and contribute to the renewal of the current listening habits.

8ª Mostra Sonora i Visual,  Convent de Sant Agustì

Original Idea: Peter Forest

Photography: Afonso Albuquerque

Graphic design: Ingrid Recio

Video and Sound design: Peter Forest